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adveritise your .bz domain here for $5 for 6 months

The .bz Extension

The .bz extension was introduced in 1991 as an internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Belize, a constitutional monarchy in Central America (official language: English). The .bz TLD is administered by the University of Belize.  There is no restriction on the registration of .bz domains, and indeed many people use it for businesses, in place of- or in conjunction with, the .biz domain. It is also popular in Italy because ‘BZ’ is the official abbreviation of the province of South Tyrol.

The .bz Appeal

The main appeal of the .bz domains is the fact that at the moment they are largely undervalued and unappreciated. As a result, many PREMIUM domains are still available for registration. Considering the current rapid expansion of the internet, it is easy to see that these premium domains are set to skyrocket in value in the coming years. While the .bz extension may not help for type-ins, having a keyword domain will provide a huge SEO boost for search engine rankings. Thus, the owner of sports-vintage-&-modified-cars.com will benefit from owing cars.bz. In addition, many .bz owners benefit from considerable ‘.biz’ type-ins (tip: find a .biz with considerable traffic, register a same name .bz, park and earn ;) ).

Others also see a value for the fact that Belize has English as the official language (unlike countries such as Germany, Sweden, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Turkmenistan etc…). Moreover, Belize has a growing (albeit slowly) economy which relies mainly on the private sector. It has a thriving tourism sector and is the home of the Mayan ruins.

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